Enhancing Your Business Through Technology

We begin by assessing the needs of your company.  Our business analysts discover the workflow processes in your company from the procedures of the clerical staff to global perspective of the president.  We thoughtfully explain the methodologies involved in enhancing the business environment by creating more efficient computer processes.  This might include adding software or modifying existing databases or spreadsheets.  Whatever the needs may be, we will provide several options.

Our staff possesses other skills such as network troubleshooting, design, security, installation, upgrades, firewalls, network appliances, switches, as well as simple needs such as setting up and configuring wireless routers. Whatever your need, our diverse team can implement the request.

Project Management

When it comes to project implementation, a well thought out plan and organization is essential. SDC's business analysts gather information about your organization so that your computer environment will enhance your business model and make your company more efficient. 

We manage projects for the government, large corporations, banking institutions, health care providers, and local small businesses. Having an experienced team of experts with varying skills has earned us the tremendous industry reputation we have today.


Having the knowledge to put together a comprehensive plan and preparing for potential problems is key to a successful project. We view problems as opportunities. This outlook allows us to be creative with our problem solving techniques to get the job done faster. We always approach projects with an analytical mindset. We start by assessing your current environment and create a price point for your individual needs.